eternal legacy (320x480) resolution

The HVGA version of Eternal Legacy HD
Work perfect on LG optimus


put data on sdcard/gameloft/games

you can select the language in options

before playing these games always select airplane mode & then launch the game otherwise you may face these issues
 "online activation"                           "data verification"
 "license checking"                           "not an original copy"
resulting in games non playable. if u really dont want to be in aeroplane mode then download only apk file from here. Install >open it> and allow it to download data files over wifi/3g. by following this process you can play the game without activating aeroplane mode

if you have downloaded data from here and launched the game without aeroplane mode and facing above issues then consider following these below steps:

  1. uninstall/remove the game from your mobile
  2. delete the data files also
  3. now install apk and place data files in their location
  4. activate aeroplane mode and launch the game
  5. now the final thing & most important thing to do is enjoy gaming


Anonymous said...

the game just exits after the opening screen, i'm using lg optimus one. even tried overclocking to no avail. are there any workaround?

Anonymous said...

game force quit after gameloft logo appear..
my device : Samsung Galaxy Ace

CyberZ0neUser said...

I love so so so much this ...AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

i have also this. issue with my phone which is wildfire s

Anonymous said...

plz solve this issue plz..........:

Anonymous said...

The same problem, game force quit after gameloft logo appear.
I have xperia mini pro. Plz solve this problem.

leandroprez26 said...

Thank's man.......
Fully working on Xperia X8,
Only with chainfire 3d and JIT.

You're the best

sorry for bad english.

Abhirab said...

Hey Both the links arnt workin what 2 do

Abhirab said...

Hey Both the links arnt workin what 2 do

Anonymous said...

it hasn´t got animations...

JurisLV said...

I've surfed all over the Internet to find out why isnt the ame working!After the gameloft logo it just goes out of the game and returns me to the menu.WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?


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