reckless get away (480x800)


Reckless Getaway throws you into the seat of a getaway driver. Fresh from robbing a bank and with notes flying from the trunk of the car you need to get through traffic at supersonic speeds. Unfortunately for you there are hundreds and hundreds of cops on your tail. You are going to need some insane driving skills to get away with your loot.
Bobbing and weaving you feel a bit vulnerable? No problem, just try the Wreckless mode where you instead climb into a truck. In this mode, nearly everything is smaller than you, so just plow through everything. (I say everything, you will be toast if you take on a train or a tram-car, but other than that the road is pretty much yours!)
From the start you’re thrown into the action and it’s hard not to note the incredible graphics of Reckless Getaway. I mean properly jaw-dropping in both detail and color. From the vibrant yellow of your vehicle to the flashing police lights and bright landscape, its very impressive indeed. If you are able to drag your eyes away from the action for a moment you’ll notice all kinds of lush detail on the other cars and vehicles, road signs, bollards, traffic cones and lights. The surrounding landscape is beautiful too, from lush green grass to rough orange desert and crisp white snow, its full of rich detail and gorgeous backdrops. The other vehicles you encounter are wide and varied, from normal cars to trucks, lorries and even trains.
The fact is you’re really not going to notice much of that to start with. The game has that brilliant pick-up-and-play-ability to it so it matters not if you are an experienced gamer or an ageing grandparent you should immediately be able to get stuck into this. You control your car by either tilting or the on-screen controls; left or right. Accelerating is automatic and there is no brake. The ease of control is essential as right behind you is a flurry of very aggressive police drivers who really don’t care about you or other traffic, they are utterly mad and will stop at nothing to stop you!
You collect points by taking other road users out, forcing police cars to crash and narrowly avoiding collisions. As you speed along, also keep an eye out for boosts (these include Knight-Rider-style jumps, a kind of traffic-killing EMP and a sort of Nitro-speed button) and coins. All contribute to your final score. Points mean stars and the more stars you have the likelier you will be able to progress. You need to get so many stars to complete a section, so you may have to repeat levels to collect more stars in order to progress.
All this action is complimented fantastically by brilliant music and sound effects. There’s a pulsating music track in the background and the individual sound effects of crunching car crashes, huge explosions and immense sounds of things being engulfed in flames- it’s all intoxicating stuff!

this version is for high end androids i.e 480x800 resolution only

Adreno version:  apk   |    data
powervr version  apk   |    data

data Location:


thats where u put the com.polarbit.getaway folder


Ricky said...

i love tihs blog ... thnks for all my friends ... hugs from portugal :)

Anonymous said...

can u plzz add dis game in 320x480 resolution plzz admin.....And THNXX for other GAMES :-)


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