Battlefield Bad company2 HD 480x800

Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD is created by bestselling console game made by Dice comes to complete our collection of android games.Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD offers the adrenaline-pumping from the war at close range in the arena of forest, snow, or desert. Completed with support for online multiplayer mode, we can fight against other users around the world.Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD is designed specifically for display and HD picture quality which is perfect on the big screen android. And with the hardware capabilities of android 2 which is nicer, we can enjoy the thrill of playing this game. In single player mode, there are 14 missions in 5 different areas. We can choose variety of weapons from knives, guns, explosives a. We can also choose to drive a wide range of war vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, and others. This complete option will give us an almost real war experience.
In terms of control, FPS (First Person Shooter) is usually having a less satisfactory control and requires adaptation for us, if we are new in this genre. However, on Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD, we can also adjust the control like we want. So “no comment” to control problems. In multiplayer mode, Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD can be played up to 10 people. And it supports multiplayer via OTA (Over the Air) using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. For local network, Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD supports local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD was made by renowned game developers from Sweden, EA (Electronic Arts). This game is also made for the Microsoft Windows platform, the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and now in android ios exclusively.


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