Contract killer HD (320x480)

Enforcer or Assassin, call it what you want - you're a hired killer. 
They can call you or Enforcer Assassin. Call it what you want - you're an assassin.
drawn into the world of bounty hunters, thugs and criminals who have to perform secret missions that are just under your power. Choose from an assortment of weapons sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. Find your target, take aim and shoot in the head, to make money. You can eliminate the crime boss and throw in a quiet or you can go straight ...
* WELCOME TO THE CENTER OF THE CITY - Get ready for the task, then borrow a prime location within 5 3D locations
* INFINITE MISSION - 17 topical tasks and endless Random mission, providing earnings, experience, and many fights
* Lethal Weapon - 20 weapons, including pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns and assault rifles
* Dead or Alive - use a gun with the soporific, to take the enemy alive, or keep under their ...forever

extract data and copy folder  to / sdcard / Android / data /
DOWNLOAD:    apk


sajid said...

apk link not working, please resend the link for apk file. thanks

Contract Killer: Zombies apk said...

AMAZING GRAPHICS! game play is good and fairly accurate. Make sure your phone is fast, DROID x has frequent stutter.

rastavoltz said...

great work...can i request for contract killer zombies 320x480. cheers

Anonymous said...

Apk link and data are not working so please send link fast


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