D.A.R.K HD (320x480)


Marines land is dark Squadron. After losing contact with the representative of the storm of the SBU, the group of elite soldiers DARK squadron was sent to investigate. Explore the maze of corridors, the super-ship in this sci-fi action-RPG and uncover its secrets. Fight wave deadly enemies, solve puzzles and defeat enormous bosses.
• Massive single player campaign will have you playing for hours. 
• A huge variety of gameplay 
• atmospheric soundtrack and intense sound effects of weapons 
• Explore the ship for the reconstruction and cash, and develop your character as you see fit. 
• Haunting story plunges you in sandy sci-fi world. 
• Advanced 3D-graphics look absolutely stunning 
• Numerous weapons and items 
• Three difficulty levels to choose from, so that everyone can play, whether beginner or veteran player. 
• Full support for the achievements and records.
ginger bread version:  DOWNLOAD
froyo version:              DOWNLOAD


Unknown said...

broken link...

Anonymous said...

What happen? After i install, it ask me to buy it.. damn

Abhirav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abhirav said...

Well the game seriously doesn't work it asks for internet connection and if we tap no then it exits if we provide the connection it sows no purchases for your account please help don't just sit there


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