final strike 3D WVGA 480x800

Version: 1.1

FinalStrike 3D - is a modern 3D helicopter action game

One of the most popular award-winning 3D games for Samsung Bada is now available for Android!

In this game you will act out the role of the best helicopter pilot for Special Assignments. You have the opportunity of piloting various helicopters, osneschennyh special weapons and devices.

Your tasks are divided into several different missions, where to get the best results you should destroy as many enemies as possible.

Enjoy the breathtaking graphics, combined with special effects, such as the spectacular explosions and laytmaping. To control the helicopter game uses the accelerometer of your device and a virtual joystick.

2 campaigns with 13 missions, action-packed
6 types of weapons, including guns, rockets and bombs
Over 30 different types of enemies
4 different helicopter
Absolutely detailed 3-D graphics
Support App2SD

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8.96 Mb

Cache: SDCard/abinteractivegames/finalstrike3d/
121.67 Mb

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