Star Battalion HD (320x480)

Lead the Resistance in a high-intensity space simulation with amazing HD graphics.

You’re an ace star pilot fighting against the militaristic Royalists who usurped your leader and spread fear across the galaxy.

Venture to fantastic worlds and take on varied missions in an array of ships. Uncover a sordid tale of betrayal, ambition & hope as you mend a torn galaxy.

Team up locally or online for co-op multiplayer via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, or meet other ace pilots through the Game Center to take on the campaign together and compare scores.

* This version will run on devices with a snapdragon possessor only (like HTC devices or Sony Ericsson Xperia Play),


before playing this game always select airplane mode & then launch the game otherwise you may face these issues
 "online activation"                           "data verification"
 "license checking"                           "not an original copy"
resulting in game non playable. if u really dont want to be in aeroplane mode then download only apk file from here. Install >open it> and allow it to download data files over wifi/3g. by following this process you can play the game without activating aeroplane mode

if you have downloaded data from here and launched the game without aeroplane mode and facing above issues then consider following these below steps:

  1. uninstall/remove the game from your mobile
  2. delete the data files also
  3. now install apk and place data files in their location
  4. activate aeroplane mode and launch the game
  5. now the final thing & most important thing to do is enjoy gaming


Anonymous said...

where will the cache files go? I placed it inside the SDCARD/Android/data/ folder and didn't work

cyberzone said...

the exact path is

sam said...

so will it work on my optimus1 stock froyo?

cyberzone said...

sam actually non modded STAR BATTALION is for 2.3 and up versions. but since the above game is moded u may try your luck

Anonymous said...

err tried on my xperia mini pro (320x480) the keys seems to be missing...cant move or attack,,the game works find tho~

Anonymous said...

Sorry to u... it wont works on my xperia mini pro.. pls fix it.. thx..

sam_maharjan said...

does it work on htc legend

Anonymous said...

cache link is not working it says the site is on maintanace mode


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