Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six WVGA 480x800

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six®: Shadow Vanguard HD 1.x.x
Requirements: Android phones high end only
Operating System: Android 2.1 and up (Xperia Play requires 2.3 and up)
Overview: The iconic Rainbow Unit lands for the first time on your Android device. Engage in all the high-intensity missions of the original Rainbow Six game with updated and enhanced content. Lead the Rainbow team, complete with 3 new members, to stop a global terrorist threat through 11 missions across the globe. Each level utilizes a highly dynamic real-time tactical system to test your wits and skill. You can join up to two friends and challenge the entire game together in Co-op mode or go head-to-head with the best unit leaders in the world on 5 thrilling and exclusive NEW maps in Multiplayer mode.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six®: Shadow Vanguard HD

The first ever Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® game available on Android devices!
Challenge all the classic levels from the original game with updated and enhanced content
Numerous stealth tools from snake cameras to silencers, plus weapon upgrades to hit silent but hard
An advanced real-time tactical system to give orders to your team in the heat of the battle
Complete the entire game with up to two friends thanks to Local and Online Co-op modes
A thrilling Multiplayer mode with 5 exclusive maps to face players from all over the world

Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file extract data and copy GloftR6HP folder like this sd/Gameloft\Games\GloftR6HP

Download Instructions:
v1.1.0 (Xperia Play): ... Twingo.apk ... ingo_0.apk

v1.0.1 (PowerVR): ... Twingo.apk ... Twingo.apk

Adreno v1.0.1: ... 00x480.apk ... 00x480.apk

Fixed Xperia Play 1.1.0 for 800x480 devices :

Version 1.1.0 with touch controls mod: ... y_Nops.apk ... y_Nops.apk

data for adreno powered mobiles (htc,sonyericsson):   download
data for powervr powered mobiles (samsung galaxy s,optimus black) : download

Put it on you SD card folder Gameloft\Games\GloftR6HP

before playing these games always select airplane mode & then launch the game otherwise you may face these issues
 "online activation"                           "data verification"
 "license checking"                           "not an original copy"
resulting in games non playable. if u really dont want to be in aeroplane mode then download only apk file from here. Install >open it> and allow it to download data files over wifi/3g. by following this process you can play the game without activating aeroplane mode

if you have downloaded data from here and launched the game without aeroplane mode and facing above issues then consider following these below steps:

  1. uninstall/remove the game from your mobile
  2. delete the data files also
  3. now install apk and place data files in their location
  4. activate aeroplane mode and launch the game
  5. now the final thing & most important thing to do is enjoy gaming

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